All the Presidents’ Taxes – By Charles Renwick

Show us the presidents' tax returns!

Of course we want to hold public officials accountable for paying their fair share. But just as importantly, we want to see how they legally save hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t have to be a politician to pull a page from their playbook and save your hard-earned money, too. After all, it’s not how much you make, but what you keep after taxes. 

All the Presidents’ Taxes details the intriguing tax stories and strategies of the most popular presidents and presidential candidates, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden. 

Learn exactly what politicians’ accountants do to save on taxes so that you can save too—even if you don’t have the income of a president’s salary.

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    Charles M. Renwick, CPA, CFA Business and Accounting Author and Advisor

    Charles Renwick, CFA, CPA, focuses on business tax strategies and management. He started his accounting career at E&Y. 

    Charles is a graduate of the University of Georgia with degrees in accounting, economics, and political science. He is a member of multiple community organizations and is an active member of the Louisiana Society of CPAs.

    Charles and his wife, Lauren, live in Covington, Louisiana. In his free time, Charles enjoys watching his kids play youth sports and reading and writing about history, politics, and taxes.